You wanna see something really scary?

AM I A CLOWN TO YOU? - Tim Curry's Pennywise in "It" may be scarier than his Frank N. Furter. Lorimar Television / Photo Illustration By Valley Star Staff

AM I A CLOWN TO YOU? – Tim Curry’s Pennywise in “It” may be scarier than his Frank N. Furter.

MOVIES: Stay in and get scared out of your minds with four rentable chillers.

by Connie Geraghty, Staff Writer 

Watching scary movies is one of the best traditions of the Halloween season … and it happens to be my least favorite part. But for you, the Valley community, I’ve relived my childhood traumas to compile a list of a four rentable films to scare your socks off.

Let’s talk about the seemingly harmless, yet actually evil, Tooth Fairy, a flying creature that breaks into your home at night to steal your teeth. With the promise of money or a small gift, childhood logic is totally okay with this demon visiting them every now and then. In the town of “Darkness Falls” (2003) the former pillar of this small 1850s community is falsely accused of the kidnapping of two boys and hanged for her crimes. She utters with her last breath a curse: “What I took before in kindness, I will take now in revenge.” Over 150 years later she still visits every child on the night they lose their last tooth, but if they’re unlucky enough to gaze upon her porcelain mask, a tooth is not they only thing they will lose.”Darkness Falls” will hit you with nostalgic childhood terror just in time to rot your teeth out with Halloween candy. Then you’ll be haunted by that other evil entity: your dentist.

“The Ring” (2002) holds a special place in the petrified hearts of many millennials for being one of the first truly terrifying horror films about (then-)modern technology. After watching a cursed VHS tape, the viewer then gets a call (on the landline of course) simply stating, “Seven days.” The clock is now ticking, and not just on the viability of the VHS format. A murdered girl named Samara haunts the tape and all who watch it, forcing them to relive her disturbing life, right up to her murder. Samara was the the main character in many a nightmare throughout my childhood, making me fear every time the television went out or the phone would ring that my time was up, that this waterlogged little girl was here to break the fourth wall and crab crawl me to death. “The Ring” is a slow tantalizing horror film that not only has the jump scare rating above eleven but gets inside your mind with the fear that such an innocent object could cause irreparable damage.

Stephen King is literary monarch of the horror genre, with 54 published novels and over 350 million copies of his books sold worldwide. “It” (1990 miniseries) is one of the most bone-chilling film adaptations of his works. Pennywise the Dancing Clown lives in the sewers of Derry, Maine and eats children. Played by the astonishing Tim Curry (Dr. Frank N. Furter in the other kind of Halloween treat, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”), the unforgettable Pennywise has talons for hands and a face that not even a mother could love. All this is wrapped up in everyone’s first phobia: an evil clown. Why are clowns so freaky? I don’t know. But they are. Admit it. This Halloween classic is a sure fire way to spark up those childhood traumas sustained at the state fair.

“Halloween” (1978) is probably the most fitting horror film to watch this October, in which a local urban legend proves all-too real. In Michael Myers’ first film appearance, he has escaped the mental hospital he’s been locked away in for the past 15 years since the fateful All Hallows Eve on which he murdered his sister. “Halloween” is still a cult favorite today because it is simply scary. By slowly taking out all obstacles (a.k.a. people)  around him, Michael Myers becomes seemingly invincible, which only adds to the terror of his spree. The crazed mind behind his white mask is enough to send anyone running. Neat trivia: That mask is actually William Shatner’s face. Scary!



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