Winter months could spell depression for some

By Vicente Vitela, Staff Writer

Seasonal depression can hit students hard at the end of the year.

With the time change and drop in temperature, the winter time can mean a loss of motivation and a lack of self-confidence leading to seasonal depression.

Seasonal depression is a mood disorder that can affect someone the same time each year starting around winter and ends around April or May. This means that people with the disorder feel a decrease in energy, and lack sleep. This form of depression can make those effected more irritable and experience a lack of concentration.

Norman Rosenthal, a doctor who studied depression, said, “one of the main causes of the condition is a lack of sunlight”

Seasonal depression can also lead to insecurities and low self-esteem. College students dealing with this depression experience a more anti-social feeling leading to less outside contact.  

The disorder affects about four to 6 percent of Americans during the winter time alone according to People with this form of depression often feel more obligated to stay home and have less social interaction whether it be with friends or family.

This type of depression can be found more in females than in males. In fact, women are eight times more likely to deal with this type of depression than males are based off a study for light therapy with seasonal depression patients

Possible treatments for seasonal depression involve light therapy and two essential functions of life, exercise and sunlight.

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