What’s up – Lippie Stix

FASHION – Huge color payoff – small price.

By Monessa Chahayed, Online Editor

An affordable makeup company with quality lipsticks based in Los Angeles seems to have come out of nowhere.

Each of Colourpop’s “Lippie Stix” costs only $5 and every shade has a $5 lip pencil to match. The online shop offers free shipping after spending $30. In addition to the lipsticks being cheaper than not only high-end but also drugstore brands, they smell and feel great on the lips. All finishes, even matte, are not drying and have a subtle vanilla scent.

Colourpop also has $5 eye shadows, $8 blushes and a new line of $8 highlighters and bronzers.

With the help of YouTube beauty gurus such as KathleenLights, the company’s┬ápopularity is growing. A few content creators have partnered with the company in order to create their own lip color which they name and design to promote on social media.

SWATCHES - Lumiere "Lippie Stix," created by KathleenLights, swatched on 3 skin tones.Colourpop

SWATCHES – Lumiere “Lippie Stix,” created by KathleenLights, swatched on 3 skin tones.


The cruelty-free company has created colors to fit any skin tone with different finishes such as: matte, satin and glossy. Every lipstick’s page has a photo of swatches on 2-3 different skin tones, which is helpful before committing to a color.

Many of the shades happen to be dupes for more expensive lipsticks such as Lumiere, which compares to NARS’ Anna ($32). Colourpop may not last as long as high-end lipstick products, but are just as opaque and creamy. Another downside may be that the colors tend to bleed, but it can be easily fixed with the addition of the matching pencil.


Colourpop is the brand to look out for this year with both classic and daring colors of lipsticks, shadows and more that are worth trying.

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