We need options!

Valley College students deserve an assortment of food trucks

by Patricia Rivera, Staff Writer

The food truck and its never-changing menu has become much of a bore .

The menu has the same items week after week, and six weeks into the semester, students are tired of it.

The food from the truck tastes good, but how long can someone eat the same food? When asked about how they felt about the food truck, students had a lot to say. 

“Not that impressed,” said communications major Maryann Springer. “There needs to be something [else] on campus for students while the cafeteria is being done.”

There is a plan to add another food truck near the engineering building so students from both sides of campus can have easy access to food, but the problem remains.

There should be a rotation of trucks so that students can have different options for their daily meals. Some students relied on the cafeteria for their daily sustenance, and now that it is under construction, it is difficult to adjust to the limited selection of food.

The prices are not that high but neither is the quality of the food. The food truck offers burritos, sandwiches, salads and burgers, and that is about it.

Students have to venture off campus to find different options and for meals that come with sides. The hamburgers from the food truck do not come with fries or drinks so students on a budget have to venture off campus for better deals, which creates several problems: students lose their parking spots, and some just do not have the time. 

There are several different types of food trucks out there, especially since it has become a fad. Valley should have a new food truck at least every month so students can experience the different types of food and so that they have a chance at having better deals.

Your thoughts?