We Make Our Own Time

Editor in Chief | The Valley Star

by Kathleen Zamora, Staff Writer

On Feb. 7-8, Valley College’s Art Gallery presented the We Make Our Own Time Faculty Art Exhibition showcasing various pieces of art intended to represent dialogue between faculty members and students.

Valley College holds the We Make Our Own Time Art Exhibition every few years;  it is aimed at showing students different areas of study that might interest them. The show is open to all studio, faculty members and students.

This year’s exhibition was held between the hours of 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. and from 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. The exhibit showcased different paintings and art sculptures made by the faculty, along with some framed photographs.

Some examples were; a painting of a woman seeming indifferent while drinking a beverage with another person comforting her from behind, a sculpture of an LED light that reads: “Signature Strike,” and a plaque that reads, “The Human Race cannot be stopped by hatred.”

“Faculty exhibitions are important for students to see various disciplines and areas that instructors teach in,” said Carol Bishop, a studio arts and art history instructor. “Most art departments and schools try to showcase faculty work, this way we create a discussion with the students.”

The exhibit is a great way for faculty members to discuss their points of views and encourage students to be confident and respectful in their own views and to others.

“We see these faculty exhibitions as dialogue between the faculty and the students,”  Bishop said.

A student attending the art exhibit explained that she thinks art impacts history and everyday life because it gives it meaning and everybody wants to find meaning.

“Things like art, it’s what this country was formed on,” said Alex Rabuchin, a Valley College art major.

Art is inspiring and can be intimidating; however, it brings people from various backgrounds together to bond over something beautiful.

“There’s this movie called Equilibrium  and it’s about a drug that stops people from feeling emotion,” said Rabuchin. “In that movie they burn art so people can’t feel. Art is like emotion, it’s an essential part of the human experience.”

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