Vending at Valley Provides Cleaner Look and Better Security

Updated Vending at Valley Provides Better Security, a Cleaner Look and Different Choices.

By Melinda Henricks
Staff Writer

The older vending machines have been replaced with new machines that have steel locking fronts to prevent vandalism, and also provide a clean stainless steel look, which better reflects the new Valley College image.

First Class Vending, the old service company is out, and a new contract with Grand G&G is in. What this translates to for students is a cup of coffee will now cost 25 cents more,the choices for sandwiches and hot food have been reduced, but new hot items are now available.

Additionally, there is now only one microwave, which is located in front of the auditorium. Therefore, if students buy something that requires heating, or you bring food from home, you will need to go to that location.There are still some hot choices, which appear to be healthier, and the vending machines will not experience outages due to vandalism, which was a constant problem before, causing the machines to be out of service;sometimes for days.

Most of the vending locations have remained the same with some minor changes to better serve student traffic,and updated credit card readers allow for better service with fewer mistakes.In addition, students now have the availability to pay with Android Pay or Apple Pay.

Moreover, the new vendor hired an outside contractor to build custom security cages, which provides an up-dated clean and crisp look with uniformity throughout the campus. The steel cages are strongly reinforced and are tightly locked at night with roll down garage-type doors.

Cynthia Gomez sophomore said “The machines look nice and work better, I was tired of loosing my change.” Another student, Katherine Lopez stated, “I think the new machines are great,I like the new look and the choices are better.”

The central vending machines in front of the auditorium still carry emergency school supplies for times when the bookstore is closed. There are scantrons, pens, pencils, and blue testing books as well as a few other items.

Overall the new vending machines appear to be an up-grade in every way, and are a nice addition to the ambiance of Valley which reflect the new campus design and vision.

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