Valley’s cafeteria feels the heat

Angulo Food Services posted flyers throughout campus alerting students to menu and price changes.

By Melinda Henricks, Staff Writer

Angulo Food Services is lowering prices and returning to their food-truck menu in the Student Union Building’s cafeteria to cater to the needs of students. Additions to the menu such as pizza and Chinese food will remain available.

The pricing changes and availability of the old menu is effective immediately. Jesus “Chuy” Angulo, head of AFS and their former on-campus food truck, has taken on more of a behind-the-scenes role with the cafeteria. Alex Vasquez, long-time right-hand man to Angulo, admitted that the lesson learned is “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.”

“We want students to know that we hear their complaints and are here to serve their needs,” Vasquez said. “The new menu was developed to create more choices and deliver high-quality food.”

Vasquez said that AFS is responsive to students’ needs and is ready to implement necessary changes. As such, the cafeteria staff was streamlined and the menu was amended. Salad wraps are no longer offered, and overall pricing reverted to food-truck levels. The method previously used for preparing Mexican food was restored, and panini sandwiches are now offered as well. The menu remains fluid and additional items will be cut as sales dictate.

“The [old] price increase was due to adding staff and the higher rent that needs to be paid,” Vasquez said. “As with anything new, a trial-and-error period exists.”

Several students stated they are eating food from on-campus vending machines or buying food off-campus, as cafeteria prices are too high for their budget.

“I would like to see the prices further reduced,” sophomore Matthew Smith said. “We are all just trying to make it.”

A friend of Smith added that food prices should not be this high at a community college.

Your thoughts?