Valley Students March For Education All The Way To The State Capitol

By Jacqueline Carter, Staff Writer

“Classroom to the capitol” is this year’s theme as students from all over California head to the capitol

steps in Sacramento for its annual rally on March 3.

The March in March is an advocacy event traditionally organized by the Student Senate for California

Community Colleges (SSCCC). The SSCCC, which was formed in 2006, protects the rights and

interests of people who are enrolled in public community colleges in the state of California.

They represent approximately 2.4 million students of the California Community College System.

Valley College is being represented by the Associated Student Union ASU, which advocates for

students issues and concerns. The group is expected to take part in the march that begins at Raley Field

and ends at the State Capitol Building.

“The good news, is that this time there were no budget cuts,” said ASU President, Alexia Johnson.

“The major issue this year is the proposed Oil Severance Tax, which would support more money being

given to community colleges for education.”

A bill drafted in support of the California Modernization and Economic Development (CMED)

Act states that: “The revenue rose, which is an estimated $2,000,000,000 annually, ($300,000,000

which would go to California Community Colleges) would be used to make a college education more

affordable and improve social services and parks according to the Associated Students University of

Students website:“

“I think it’s a good idea,” said undecided major Alicia Saab regarding the bill. “If the money will be

used for education and to bring back the programs, they took away, why not?”

Opponents to the tax are concerned that it would increase oil and gas prices in California, which is

unlikely since the prices are determined by neither the state’s economy nor the nation’s economy but

rather by global supply and demand.

California is the fourth-largest oil producer, behind Texas, Alaska and North Dakota, but it is the only

state in the country that does not tax oil and gas drilling.

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