Valley returns to the ring with Pro-am tourney

KO High Boxing hosts its fourth Pro-am boxing tournament in the South Gym on Oct. 15.

By Harrison McQuinn, Sports Editor

The next big rumble comes to Valley College this October bringing with it celebrity appearances, alumni participants and a fistful of knockouts.

KO High Boxing’s official fourth event will be hosted by Flava Flav in the South Gym at 3 p.m on Oct. 15. Students with ID will pay $20 to get into the event that has featured the likes of Justin Bieber last year.

“It’s crazy,” said Marvin Columbus, founder of KO High Boxing. “People pay thousands to see boxing in Vegas. You’re getting the same thing here for $20.”

The organization describes itself as the first juvenile after-school program of its kind. With appearances at several high schools and colleges, KO is taking over Southern California.

The evening will feature one of Valley’s own Emilio Rodriguez who is making his professional boxing debut this year. Nico Ali Walsh, grandson of the late Muhammad Ali, will also be participating.

The amateur bracket will last three rounds and require head-gear, no draws will be allowed. The professional boxers will skip the headgear, and will fight for four rounds, with the match ending in knockout or a decision.

The night will include a red carpet opening in front of the gym at 2:30 p.m. 

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