Valley looks to keep Victory Bell in Monarch colors

Monarchs’ football takes the field against rival Pierce in a traditional battle over the Victory Bell.

By Fredy Vega, Staff Writer

Valley College and Pierce College are two of the most well known football powerhouses in the LACCD with a war going back decades.

With rivalry comes ritual and Valley (3-2) currently holds the most coveted tradition between the two schools, the Victory Bell. The Victory Bell is beginning to collect dust in its third consecutive year in Monarch’s hands, but Pierce (2-3) will have a chance to reclaim the trophy this Saturday at Valley.

“We want to keep it here,” said Coach Vandiver. “Valley vs. Pierce is not as big a rivalry like UCLA vs. USC… but it is better to have it for the sake of the game and good competition.”

The Victory Bell tradition dates back to the 40s where UCLA was gifted the bell by the school’s alumni association before it was stolen by USC students, sparking the beginning of a historic rivalry. Although Valley’s tradition does not go as far back, their inaugural game did take place 20 years later in 1965.

The Brahmas had held the bell for six years before losing it to Valley in 2015. It is covered in silver and colored frames adjusted with wheels for better mobilization with one smaller bell on top with a bigger one below it.

The schools begin to bump heads every year as the annual rumble approaches ranging from Twitter battles all the way to pre-game trash talk on the field. For an added level of intensity, the winner also gets to paint the bell in their school colors.

For the players leaving or transferring, it motivates them even further to beat Pierce and earn the memory of knowing they were a part of a team that beat Pierce and kept the bell on Valley’s campus for another year.

“After their Valley days are gone, the ones staying will be motivated to work harder to keep the bell at Valley furthering the rivalry even more,” said Coach Vandiver.

The pressure is on Valley whose record has fallen to 3-2 after consecutive losses to Victor Valley and Mt San Jacinto.

One comment

  1. Man, as recent as 2014, this rivalry used to be on and poppin. But since 2015, the Victory Bell “rivalry” has been so one-sided (in Valley’s favor) that Pierce fans have been expecting to exit the stadium——-whether it’s played at John Shepard Stadium (2016) or Monarch Stadium (2015)——-by the fourth quarter to get a jump on traffic.

    Valley aint as powerful or as threatening as they were in 2015 and 2016, so Pierce might have a better chance at catching the Monarch slipping tonight.

    I still think the Monarchs are going to win this game tonight, but it aint gonna be as easy it was in 2015 and 2016.

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