Valley College launches new artists forward

The Launch Art Exhibit recommences for the Fall for a limited time showcasing 53 diverse artists.

Jamie Garcia, Staff Writer

Photographs, sculptures, paintings and many more forms of art are showcased at the re-opening of the Launch Art exhibit which will be running for a limited time this fall.

The Launch Exhibit recommences for the Fall 2017 and will be running for 10 days from Aug. 28 till Sept.7 and was open to all students and the public. The exhibit featured a wide range of artwork with different styles, textures and dimensions from students. Showcased were photographs, sculptures, ceramics, drawings and a video piece.

The participating students were allowed to submit up to three pieces of artwork. There were over 250 submissions and only 53 students were chosen by Juror Sergio Teran.

“We wanted an outsider’s perspective, and Teran was a good fit,” said Valley Art Gallery Director Jenene Nagy.

Sergio Teran is a contemporary Mexican-American artist. Teran’s work  includes self-portraits, portraits, luchadors, wrestlers mixed-media, surrealism, and figurative art. He was a former Valley art professor and is currently a professor at Cerritos College.

His style of art is self-described as “visceral art work that is inspired by media, personal experience and art.”

“I am a storyteller and in my work you will find a spectrum of painting,” Teran says on his website

Valley student Analuisa Curiel’s artwork, a sculpture called, “De la Muerte, a la Vida.,” was showcased at the exhibit.  Curiel sculptured the female form, starting from the neck and ending right above the pubic bone featuring decay, holes and maggots. She spent eight hours a day for two weeks working on her sculpture.

“I was going for the whole attract repulsive thing,” Curiel says when asked about the theme of her artwork, “like when you first see it you’re like ‘ooh, let’s go look at that’ and then you get closer and your like what the heck is that.”

Students who were taking the art gallery management class on campus were responsible for designing the exhibit. This gave them an opportunity to get the hands-on experience of opening and running an art exhibit. This event also gave the art students a professional platform to experience their first time being showcased. The showing was sponsored by the Carter Sexton Artist Materials.


“This exhibit showcases a lot of different artwork that I enjoyed and I was shocked to see how professional it all looked,” said  Valley student Leydy Velasquez, who attended the exhibit.

“I can’t wait for their next exhibit,” she added.

The exhibit is in the Art building, and is open on Monday and Thursday from 11 am untill 2 p.m, and at 6 to 9 p.m.. Wednesday and Tuesdays are open from 6-9p.m.—admission is free for everyone.


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