Valley College Goes Greek

ASU hosts Greek themed Spring Fling toga party and awards four scholarships.

by: Monessa Chahayed, Staff Writer


The first Spring Fling dance in Valley College history lacked the buzz needed to make it an unforgettable event.

The toga themed Spring Fling on Friday March 28 was located in Monarch Hall. Tickets were $3 in advance and $6 at the door. The venue was decorated with Greek-inspired banners and gold and white balloons. ASU served an Italian buffet of pasta, salad, and garlic bread. About fifteen students dressed up for the theme in togas, gold accessories, and gladiator sandals. Although wearing a toga was not required, ASU president Alexia Johnson encouraged students to have some fun with their outfits.

“There is a lack of fun on campus,” Johnson said. “I do hope everyone gets in the spirit.”

The proceeds from ticket sales went towards four scholarships. Seven students sent in scholarship applications and ASU spent a week reading their essays to choose the four winners. The scholarships were handed out at 8 pm. Two academic scholarships went to Dmitriy Petin and Suzana Gonzalez. The next two students, Mariangel Fernandez and Maria Aredissian, earned their scholarships for campus involvement. ASU matched the amount they raised from ticket sales.

Saving money on a DJ, ASU decided to ask the broadcasting department’s KVCM Radio to provide the soundtrack for the night. The DJ played a mix of modern hits and old school classics. Many students were shy about dancing at first, but eventually made their way onto the dance floor as they heard some of their favorite songs. A small room in the back held a photo booth equipped with a green screen backdrop and students had six Greco-Roman themed backgrounds to choose from.

ASU expected around 200 students to attend, but no more than 50 showed up to the dance. Halfway through there were about 30 students there, but more showed up as the night progressed. Several members from the Puente club decided to come to the dance after they had been encouraged as a club to go out and support other clubs.[B1]  Some students, including sound engineering major Miguel Hernandez, had some suggestions if ASU decides to plan a similar event in the future.

“I had only heard about [Spring Fling] a week before,” 20-year-old Hernandez said. “They need to sell tickets in more areas around campus and have more advertisement.”

Hopefully ASU uses student suggestions to their advantage and makes the next Spring Fling a memorable one.

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