Valley College cracking down on Monarchs who take advantage of financial aid

LA City College fine spurs new policy.

By Amanda Cavarretta, Staff Writer 

After Los Angeles City College was fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for financial aid abuse, Los Angeles Valley College has initiated changes to its drop policy in order to address the same issue.

“The entire district is cracking down,” said Josh Miller, Academic Senate President of Valley and Speech Communication professor

Students who abuse financial aid by collecting their checks, but not actually attending their classes, will realize that practice won’t work any more.  Valley College will adopt a new policy this semester that prevents such abuses from happening.

The United States Department of Education Refund requires that part-time and full-time students who do not complete the semester with passing grades or withdrawals from their classes are required to repay some or all of their financial aid. Students who do not comply with this can later be discredited for financial aid.

At a faculty orientation, Miller informed instructors that there will be a second exclusion roster which will help prevent Valley from getting fined and suffering the same fate as it sister college, LA City.

“The issue is that these students were given F’s, but didn’t earn those F’s. They are getting F’s because they stopped showing up, and that’s a violation of financial aid,” Professor Miller stated.

Ashley Dunn, LAVC registrar,  said that while a new drop policy is not yet developed, it is in the works. “We’re getting it together, and the district is working on changes that will allow the  faculty to make that exclusion,” Dunn said.

This likely means that attendance will become a major factor for the faculty in order to prevent student abuse of financial aid. “I personally don’t like having to take roll, but now I know I have to,” said Miller.

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