Valley Campus Prepares for Graduation Day

Over a thousand graduation gowns are prepped and caps are ready to fly, as the 2017 Valley College graduating class eagerly awaits their commencement ceremony.

By Jessica Perez, Staff Writer

Valley College will hold their 68th Annual Commencement Ceremony on Tuesday June 6 at the Monarch Football Stadium in celebration of all who will be receiving their Associate of Arts Degree, Associate of Science Degree, or CTE certificate that they earned during the 2016-2017 academic year. An estimated 3,000 visitors are expected to join faculty members and staff to celebrate their students’ accomplishments. Of course, Valley College President Erika Endrijonas and Los Angeles Community College District Chancellor Francisco C. Rodriguez will lead the ceremonies and endeavour shake the hand of every single graduate crossing the stage.

As per graduation tradition, a student will be chosen to share a unique story about their background, college experience, or the struggles that they overcame to graduate from Valley College and it will be featured in The Los Angeles Times and Daily News. According to Jennifer Borucki, Public Relations manager, this will be the 10th year submitting personal stories but Valley has yet to turn in any for this year; the deadline was May 19.

The festivities will begin at 9 a.m. with President Endrijonas,who will welcome students and announce the President’s Distinguished Honor Awards followed by the speakers, conferring of degrees, and concluding with the announcement of the candidates.

According to Dr. Elizabeth Negrete, Dean of Student Life at Valley College,  many Monarchs will be transferring to their dream universities this Fall to pursue the next step in their education; it’s an exciting time not only for students but also for their families and friends.

“Graduating is a big accomplishment for students,” said Dr. Negrete. “Many are first in their families to graduate from college and others have experienced various challenges in life such as financial hardships or various family situations to get to this point.”

The ceremony will feature a diverse group of speakers from a range of fields,such as Dr. Michael Arshagouni, Music Professor  and Dr. June Miyasaki, Foreign Language Professor amongst others; . two student speakers, Janet Safar and Timothy Quirus will join them.  ,

In addition, this is the fifth year that Valley has highlighted the success of  students who are graduating and continuing their educational journey by publicly recognizing those transferring to a four-year university by having their names appear on the marquees around campus.

Aniko Pinter, a 31-year-old graduating English major, said she is ecstatic to be recognized for four years of hard work and to finally be able to graduate with her husband watching from the stands.

“I’m from a little country (Hungary) with a big dream,” says Pinter. “I’m so excited to wear my gown, hear my name called, and walk on stage. After four years of intense studying and having a full-time job, it’s all worth it.”

Transfer student’s names will be displayed in groups of 10 until June 6 and they are encouraged to take a photos in front of the marquee wearing their cap and gown.

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