Think transfer

Valley encourages Monarchs to transfer to a four-year institutions. 

By Amanda Cavarretta, Staff Writer 

With only a 23 percent transfer rate to four-year universities, Valley’s College counseling and transfer department would like to change that for its students.

“It is a little disappointing that Valley’s number one mindset is not to transfer their students,” said Valley English major Malcom Miller.

Clive Gordon, director of that department, said the transfer rate for Valley students currently ranks third out of the nine colleges in the Los Angeles Community College district. East Los Angeles College is number one with a 28 percent transfer rate, follows by Pierce College.

“We don’t have the mindset of transfer like East does, but we’re trying to change that,” said Gordon. “Our developmental pathways for transfer are far behind.”

Gordon wants students to think of Valley as their stepping stone. There are many resources offered at Valley that students should utilize. The career and transfer center offer programs to help students stay on track and prepare for transfers. Programs include; The Transfer Alliance Program (TAP), The TriO/SSS Program, Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) and the Puente Program.

 “Our transfer rates have increased over the past couple of years. Valley had the highest percent of students being accepted to UCLA last year,” said Gordon.

Throughout the year, representatives from California States and University of California schools visit Valley to help students with any questions or guidance needed. Transfer workshops are available every semester, and bus field trips to various universities are offered.

Planning ahead is key. From the moment  a student enrolls at Valley, an appointment should be made to meet with a counselor to set up their educational plan. 

“Transferring to a four-year college is so important,” said Gordon. “Think transfer, and think transfer early.”

English major Malcom Miller agrees with Gordon.

“It’s nice to know that at least among the LACCD schools we were among the best, but we should be higher.”

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