The Writing Center offers free workshop for students

by Alton Pitre, Staff Writer

The Writing Center offers free weekly walk-in workshops for students to help them improve and sharpen their writing skills.

Writing workshop “Types of Phrases and their Punctuation” was held on Sept. 23 and conducted by English instructor Kristina Yegoryan, the center’s workshop leader, in the Library and Academic Resource Center. She has been with the center for seven years and is in her third semester teaching as an instructor.

Yegoryan instructed  a descriptive and elaborate class. Students remained quiet but were very attentive. Hesitancy was not an issue and they were avid in questioning the instructor any time something was not comprehended.

“We want to help the students in developing their skills in grammar, syntax, essay writing and research,” Yegoryan said. “Writing is very important because it gives students a chance to express ideas, especially in a coherent, grammatically and well-organized manner using the academic standards of writing.”

She explained the most important linguistic units to the students: morphemes, words, phrases, clauses and sentences. She then broke it down in pyramid form and defined every term. Also covered were the different parts of speech and what a complete sentence consists of. Yegoryan used many examples to help the students better understand the information at hand.

Undecided major Diana Khandzhyan attended the workshop to enhance her writing skills.

“I found this workshop very useful because it helped me understand the types of phrases and their punctuation more clearly than my English class,” said Khandzhyan.

This was her first time attending the seminar but Khandzhyan said she will participate in future workshops–even if it were not a requirement for her English class.

“Writing is very important to me because English is something you need every day,” Khandzhyan said.

The Writing Center is offering more free writing workshops for students in the future. For more information, visit The Writing Center in room 229 of the library or call 818-947-2810.

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