The tutors dynasty

Free tutoring services are available for Monarchs. 

By Amanda Cavarretta, Copy Editor 

With finals around the corner, prepping for tests and managing school work can be overwhelming. Los Angeles Valley College offers a free tutoring service to students in most subjects.

General tutoring is available in the Library Academic Resource Center, Room 213. To utilize this service, students can simply walk in and show their student ID.

“We offer a free tutoring service to students who need help in cinema, French, Spanish, art, economics, and more,” said student helper Xiomara O’Brien. “If a student is looking for help in a specific subject they should call to find out when a tutor will be available. 

“A student can stay in the center for as long as the tutor is here. We also have free workshops students can attend throughout the semester.”

At the Math Lab, students can also drop in to meet with a tutor. The lab is also located in the Library Academic Resource Center, in Room 226.

“I’ve been to the Math Lab quite a few times in the past,” said Sandra Rodriguez, a sociology major. “Going to the lab was really helpful with my math homework.”

According to the New York Times, having an alternate study space and participating in study groups increases the likelihood of remembering what the student has learned.

Amparo Ochoa-Rivas, a child development transfer student from Valley found working with other classmates beneficial.

“I loved the Math Lab because it was a place I could get with a group of classmates or other people taking the same class at different times,” said Ochoa-Rivas. “We would help each other.”

General Tutoring Center Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday- 10am-6:30pm

Tuesday- 10am-8pm

Friday and Saturday- 10am-2pm

Math Lab Hours

Monday- 10am-6:30pm

Tuesday and Wednesday- 10am-8:00pm

Thursday- 10am-6:30pm

Friday and Saturday- 10am-2pm

Upcoming Workshops

“In-Class Essay Writing”- Wednesday, May 6 from 1:00pm-2:30pm in LARC 212

“Setting Goals”- Thursday, May 7 from 1:00pm-2:30pm in LARC 212

“Time Management”- Tuesday, May 12 from 6:00pm-7:30pm in LARC 212

“Research Papers/Plagiarism”- Wednesday, May 20 from 1:00pm-2:30pm in LARC 212

“Test Taking Strategies”- Tuesday, May 26 from 6:00pm-7:30pm in LARC 212

For more workshops and information visit or call the Tutoring Center at (818) 947-2744

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