The Secret Things make their sexy, loud, rock’n’roll debut

New Los Angeles-based trio release debut EP, “Shock Diary”

By Courtney Meloche, Staff Writer

Born at the beginning of 2016, Los Angeles three-piece The Secret Things describe themselves in their bio as “sexy, loud rock’n’roll.”

Vocalist/Guitarist/Producer Cynthia Catania and bassist Steve Giles had previously performed together in the popular local band Saucy Monky. Longtime friends Giles and drummer Dan Nelles had worked together in a number of projects. Early in 2016, the three came together and they made their live debut at the Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival in May. They gave away copies of their demo to attendees of their debut Los Angeles show at Boardner’s in August, and October 27 marked the release of their debut EP “Shock Diary.”

Their sound, which features guitar feedback, distinctive basslines and hard-hitting drums behind Catania’s sultry vocal is, indeed, sexy, loud rock’n’roll. Kicking off with the riff-driven first single “All The Way Down,” the song features a hooky chorus you will want to sing along with at the top of your lungs. “Poly Girl,” the second track, kicks off with just the right dose of feedback and a tasty drum fill by Nelles before Catania’s distinctive croon comes in to tell us a story about polyamory.

“Lana,” the third track, is a mid-tempo ballad that is a lovely showcase for Catania’s smooth, stunning voice. The sparse guitar in the verses that builds in the chorus and beyond is a nice departure from the first two tracks.

Track four, “Hot Mess,” starts out with a quick string bit before returning to the mood of the first two tracks. Describing a girl on the brink, Catania sings “I’m free falling—one hot mess, it’s an SOS, yeah. Always something—more or less, it’s an SOS, yeah.” It will be stuck in your head for days.

The set closes with “Paradise Gone,” a rocking ballad. The heavy guitars combined with Catania’s “paradise gone, paradise gone” before crashing into the chorus, create a sense of urgency. Perhaps the best of the collection, “Paradise Gone” takes you on a visceral, emotional journey.

It may be their first offering, but Catania, Giles, and Nelles are veterans of the Los Angeles music scene, and it shows. Beautifully crafted from beginning to end, this is a must-hear EP.

Shock Diary is available now for purchase on iTunes ($4.95 or $0.99/song) and CD Baby ($4.99 or $0.99/song), or you can stream it on Apple Music and Spotify. Visit for social media links, photos, lyrics, and more information on the band.

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