The Schedule Of Classes For The Fall Semester


Full Classes- Next fall semester classes are filling up fast, with the sign ups for fall being open since May 7. Stock Photo

Full Classes- Next fall semester classes are filling up fast, with the sign ups for fall being open since May 7.


By: Monessa Chahayed, Staff Writer

The fall 2014 Schedule of Classes has been posted on Valley’s website. Students can find their fall 2014 registration appointment by visiting the LACCD Student Information System.

In fall 2013, there were 1,615 sections offered; during this upcoming fall semester, however, there will be 1,529 sections according to the data warehouse system provided by the district. There are 86 fewer classes offered this coming term compared to last year, however no effort has been put in place to cut any classes in order to save money. Duane Martin of Academic Affairs clarifies that it means excess classes are cut.

“The college has been trying to cut some sections such as Cooperative Education that were formerly scheduled but in many cases had no enrollment,” Martin said. “In other words, cutting our ‘excesses’ is not the same as cutting because there is less money, as was the case over the last four or five years.”

This fall there will be 28 English 101 classes to choose from, compared to the 2013 fall semester when there were only 25. However, the English department as a whole is actually offering five fewer sections this fall than they did in the most recent fall semester.

Monarchs can register for a core class such as English 101 a bit easier this upcoming fall since there are more to choose from.

In fall 2013, Valley offered 130 sections of Math, compared to the 129 offered this coming fall. Twenty-six History classes were offered last fall, and the same number will be scheduled in fall 2014. Regardless of the amount of classes being offered, the registration process can always be tricky.

Martin knows that students struggle with registration and offers his advice on the matter.

“Everybody who is actually serious should talk to a counselor regularly,” said Martin. “I don’t know how often that is. I think once or twice a semester is about right, but going this route on your own is kind of insane I think.”

Registration officially begins on May 7 and ends on Sept 12. The first group of students with priority registration from May 7 to the 9 will be active military, veterans, foster youth, EOPS, DSPS and CalWorks students.

From May 12 through the 18, fully matriculated, meaning students with decided majors, may register. New and returning students who are fully matriculated can register from May 19-25. Non-matriculated students may register from May 26-June 3.

Eighteen-year-old undecided major Cassy Sotolongo knows she needs to be a full time student this fall in order to fulfill FAFSA requirements.

“I don’t know what classes I need yet, but I know I want a full 12 units this fall,” Sotolongo said. “Hopefully I can get the classes easier than last fall.”

For more information, students can visit the LACCD Student Information System to view their registration date. Registration instructions are available at

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