The 2015 winter session classes are available for Monarchs

Over 100 classes will be offered for Monarchs this winter. 

By: Jorge Belon, Editor in Chief

The 2014 fall semester is in full swing, but Monarchs can now begin to plan for what classes they want to take for the 2015 winter session that will be held at Valley College in January.

The winter session will begin on Monday January 5, and it will end on Sunday February 8. In the five week session Valley will be offering 40 sections and 71 courses with 140 classes for students to choose from. Mathematics leads all the sections with seven available courses, and English comes in second with five. Nursing Science and Communication Studies are equal with the third most courses for students, with four.  

“This is exciting that I will not have to travel far to take winter class,” said Valley student Juan Rodriguez, a history major. “It is a bummer that there will only be one history class available.”

Not anyone can just sign up for classes this very second; students have been broken down to 7 groups for enrolling into this winter session. 

The first group has been able to sign up for classes since Oct. 27. Those students were active military members, veterans, foster youth, EOPS, DSPS and CalWorks. The second group started on Oct. 30, which is the rest of the current Valley students. On Nov. 7 the third group which is fully matriculated new and returning students can begin to look for classes. The fourth group, who are not matriculated students, will be able to enroll on Nov. 17.

On Nov. 25 the fifth group is students who are currently not in good terms with their academic will be able to sign up. The sixth group is for students that signed up for school after the cutoff date, and they will have to wait till Nov. 29 to get classes. For the final seventh group, which are high school students, they will be able to pick classes starting Dec. 1. 

“I do like that everyone will not be signing up for signing up for classes at the same time,” said Varand Gevorkian, a Valley accounting major. “I am going to have to stay on top of my day though, or else I will not be able to get classes for winter.”

For Monarchs who do not find a particular class at Valley, they could possibly still find that class in the other seven community colleges that will be holding a winter session in the Los Angeles Community College District of nine schools.

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