Textbook prices continue to rise as students explore options

By Adriana Rubio, Staff Writer

Most college students find themselves spending astronomical amounts of money on new textbooks for mandatory courses. Just one textbook alone can cost up to $200 depending on the course, however, thanks to the power of the Internet and cost effective in-school programs, there are now several options to reducing textbook prices.

On average, a college student will find himself/herself spending about $1,200 annually on textbooks and school materials, according to USA Today. Fortunately, websites like Amazon, Chegg, Campus Textbook Rentals and many more serve to bring the most reasonably priced choices available. They allow students to rent, buy, and resell textbooks. Valley college Alumni, Diana Hernandez, has experienced first-hand the benefits of book shopping online.

“I would go to the Valley bookstore and see the book priced at like $150,” Hernandez said. “Then I’d just go online on Amazon and find it for like $60 and probably cheaper if I just rented it.”

These websites are third-party participants created to help students succeed without draining their pockets. They include a vast number of editions online; the older the book, the cheaper. They also allow for quick overnight shipping and free returns. They have different renting periods and different vendors. Different vendors allow for competition, which lowers the prices of the books. Certain textbooks even have the options of e-books; they eliminate the wait, shipping, and in-person shopping.

The Valley College Bookstore does provide convenient and helpful options for students on a budget or tight deadline to combat online textbook competition. Students buying books from the bookstore are assured it is the correct book. Students who qualify for financial aid also qualify for a $500 textbook voucher, redeemable at the bookstore.

There are various grants to help students such as the EOPS grant. The bookstore also gives students the options to rent and buy-back books.

Mary John, manager of the Valley Bookstore said, “all sales from the bookstore stay on campus.”

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