Students think outside the box to get cash for books

Monarchs wait to be next in line to sell books to valley's student book store.Photo by: Jahsaudi Perkins

Monarchs wait to be next in line to sell books to valley’s student book store.

Monarchs forced to look for different options to sell their textbook.

Patricia Rivera and Edward Ruano, Staff Writer and Copy Editor

Students at Valley College are busy with the start of spring semester, but most Monarchs are also attempting to make a few extra bucks by reselling their books.

Fortunately for students, the LAVC Bookstore has a buyback program. Students who have books in good condition and that are on the buyback list can get up to 50 percent cash back for their used books. The bookstore opens its buyback counter for the first and last week of every semester.

“Everything we buy back has to be on the buyback list,” said Mary John, manager of the bookstore. “The list is based on the demand [of books] teachers want to teach.”

With the off-campus bookstore permanently closed, students have turned to the campus bookstore and posting flyers themselves around campus as their only alternatives to selling their books within walking distance of Valley.

Students have turned to the internet to sell their outdated books that the bookstore will not take back, or to get more cash for their books. There are hundreds of websites that are dedicated to buying and selling used books (such as, where students can compare prices of books from several websites all at once.

The students offering to sell their books will rarely make a profit from what they are selling, or even get back the same amount that they originally paid. Students are left with limited options, however, so they have no problem selling back their books for a fraction of their original price.

“I spent $200 on the two books,” said nursing major Jazmin Gonzalez. “I got $53 [back].”

The amount of cash back students can receive for their used books may vary on their physical appearance, so it’s important for students to remember to keep their books in good shape. Little things like using a book cover or taping the corners of your books can help to ensure you get the maximum amount of money back when you decide to sell your books.

“I only sell my books on Amazon,” said child development major Steven R. Mejia. “I usually sell them for what I paid for, or maybe $10 less, but I still get more money back than the book store would give me.”

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