First film festival to start tradition at Valley College

Valley College’s first annual film festival features 12 student-produced short films.

by Monessa Chahayed, Valley Life Editor

The first annual Film Festival at Valley College will feature a dozen 5-to-20-minute films produced by advanced film students.

Julio Flores, Los Angeles radio air personality (Fox Sports Radio, KOST 103.5, The Wave) will be hosting the festival. Flores, a graduate of the Valley College film program and producer of “Falsely Accused” (featured at the event), said the festival was not the plan from the start.

“Originally, we were planning on having just a wrap party for our filmmakers for our crew and actors and then we thought it would be great to give out awards, then it just snowballed into a festival/award show,” Flores said.

Most of the short films are dramas like Flores’ “Falsely Accused,” a crime drama about a drug dealer in the mafia. Other films are less dramatic such as Kevin Dorian’s “Retard!”

“Retard!” produced by cinema major Dorian, tells the story of how social misfits find their way to fit into society. The main character and protagonist, Martin, an emotionally immature community college student needs to fill his PE requirement by taking a dance class. “Retard!” was written, produced, directed, edited, and is starring Dorian.

“’Retard!’ is a quirky little comedy with heart. It’s about being a misfit and trying to figure out how to fit in,” Dorian said.

DISTRAKT, produced by Vidya Manhendran features a closet programmer, Dawn, who embarks on a journey and accidentally creates a runaway software program with intent to take over more than her computer.

Media arts major Chanelle Prime was asked to direct the festival after she had been first assistant director on several projects. She proved herself in time management and multitasking. Prime will make sure the event runs smoothly and that everyone is accounted for, a task she has not deemed easy. She wrote her film, “Wrong Reflection,” in response to ageism in the industry. The film follows a woman who was once at the top of her career that begins to age and thus is pushed aside in the business. She goes mad, kidnaps young women and drinks their blood in hopes of recapturing her youth.

“Women are no longer valid after a certain age and thankfully, this view has started to change but not fast enough. So, the idea for Wrong Reflection came to me…I wanted to have a mostly female cast, especially the main characters,” Prime said.

The program will feature exclusive premiere trailers and scenes from major studios, plus performances from the music and theater departments at Valley. The event will be broadcast live by the campus radio station, KVCM, and will also be filmed for broadcast.Valley film professor Dan Watanabe says this Film Festival will continue throughout Valley’s history, starting tradition.

“It’s a great opportunity for students to see films that are a capstone of the program and to see a competition since awards are being given out. It’s a tradition that Valley College will be continuing into the future,” Watanabe said.

The festival will take place on Nov. 8 from 6 p.m.-10 p.m. in room 106 of the Music Building and feature awards for best picture, director, actor, supporting actor, cinematography, editing, screenplay, score, and lifetime achievement awards determined by 26 industry professionals who cast their votes online. A Q & A session will also take place with award-winning directors, actors, and filmmakers, including Randy Thomas (first woman to announce The Academy Awards, The Emmy Awards, The SAG Awards) and actress Jeanette Samano (known for her most recent role in the film “ISA”).

For more information, call (818) 453-8472 or visit

Not Too Late – Rey Campos

Falsely Accused – Julio Flores

Wrong Reflection – Chanelle Prime

Retard! – Kevin Dorian

TLE – David Huddleston

His Emily – Marco Elorreaga

The One – Franchesco Ramos

Lush – Noah Miller

Los Rudos – Homer Pena

Dumpweed – Albert Salazar

DISTRAKT – Vidya Manhendran

Dealing With It – Michael Burkes

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