Campus food still a limited menu


The new cafeteria is scheduled to open in spring.

By Melinda Henricks, Staff Writer

As the fall term begins, Valley College students face their fourth semester without a cafeteria and only one food truck to service 18,000 students.

Valley closed its cafeteria in 2014 because it was outdated and bond money was allocated to complete an updated structure. Administration stated the new cafeteria will open Spring 2016.

For now, students are limited to one food truck and eight vending locations for snacks and drinks.

Last year, Valley was home to the Falafelicious food truck, giving students two truck options, but Falafelicious decided not to renew its contract this year.

“They felt they were not making enough money to sustain their business with Valley College,” said Raul Gonzalez, vice president of administrative services.

Students now choose among the All Service Catering food truck, vending machines and nearby fast-food restaurants.

Jesus Angulo (“Chuy”)  operates the ASC food truck. His menu starts at $1.50 for a taco, $3.00 for a hamburger, and the most expensive item is a six-piece chicken strip meal for $6.50.

And he will make breakfast all day.

Angulo’s food truck is parked in front of Campus Center from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Thursday and open for a short time on Fridays. Gonzalez said he does offer fresh vegetables  and salads, but they are not the hot items.

“These are not the items that sell, “ he said, touting the cheeseburgers and chicken strip meals, which sometimes run out.

First Class Vending operates and maintains the machines on campus. The machines are stocked with chips, drinks, coffee, sandwiches, burritos, pizzas, cookies, and candy.

There are breakfast items such as cereal, burritos, and danishes. Julio Sanchez of First Class Vending said when students see him, they sometimes request healthier snacks but said, “Those items don’t sell as well.”

He pulls the healthier foods from the machines because they regularly pass their freshness date.

Students can also cross the street to try Subway, Sharky’s, Grandma’s Thai, and Fresh Mongolian BBQ.

Administrators said they are now taking bids for vendor space in the new cafeteria, which is just north of the the bookstore, and is scheduled to open in the spring.

Robert Tellez of Build-LACCD assures that, despite leaking through the  unsealed roof during recent rains, the cafeteria is expected to open on time.


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