Student smoker draws law enforcement crowd

Sheriffs have not filed incident report in five days after student was detained by Valley authorities.

Byline: The Valley Star Staff

A Valley College student was detained Thursday afternoon by at least seven campus law enforcement representatives outside of the Business /Journalism building.

At around 11:15 a.m., three cadets confronted a black male student smoking a vapor pen in a non-smoking area, according to witnesses. The student was then approached by campus security, who made a semi-circle around him. Two deputies arrived shortly thereafter.

The student was trying to show one of the deputies some papers, but witnesses say the deputies disregarded his efforts. Curious Monarchs with their phones in hand, attempting to record the incident, were motioned away by authorities.

A Valley Star reporter then saw a deputy take a few steps back from the student and unclip his gun holster. The deputy did not, however, draw his weapon.
The visibly shaken student was eventually escorted to class. The student declined to speak with the Star following his class.

Authorities have yet to file an incident report or otherwise explain why so many officers had to be present at the scene.

The Star has made repeated attempts to interview Deputy Frank Velasco, but reporters were told to either email him or come to his office at a later date.
At press time, Velasco had still not spoken to the Star, declining several subsequent interview requests. Additionally, an incident report has yet to be filed.

Jennifer Fung Borucki, manager of public relations for Valley, said, “There was no incident to report … it was a situation where someone was smoking in a non-designated smoking area.”
In fact, no incident reports have been filed by Valley sheriffs since August 7.

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