Student Fees go to New Orleans

What your student govern- ment is really spending money on.

By Zain Abouraia, Opinion Editor

The ASU sounds like a bad MasterCard commercial: $10,345 to a trip to Sacramento, $2,214 for a ride to Monterey Bay and $9,000 for an excursion to New Orleans. For students, there was no homecoming this year and the ASU spent $70 on a new costume for the mascot.

The ASU collected $57,936 from ASO fees and spent $15,528 from the ASO fund and $12,000 from the student rep fees. The ASU spent $21,759 on three trips for 14 students, all expenses paid.

The ASU is in charge of rep- resenting student interests, spon- soring various clubs, departments and resources on campus, accord- ing to their website. They collect money from students through the ASO in order to help students.

They did send student Jamie Lopez on a trip to Nebraska to present a research paper and helped sponsor Latino Heritage Week.

However, by their own admis- sion, they did a poor job in aiding clubs and helping students.

This is hardly represent- ing the interest of the students. Students need more classes, ear- lier registration dates and better food. Valley students are not see- ing any direct benefits from the ASU, except for those who know to ask.

The ASU will match funds from clubs that want to orga- nize their own events and even grant students money if they have a legitimate academic rea- son for doing so, such as the case of Lopez. Students, clubs and departments need to apply for the money by filling out a budget- request form and then wait for the board to vote on the funds.

“That’s something I do need to do a better job of,” said John Reyes, ASU treasurer. “Is getting the word out there to students that this money is available to them. That’s something I need to work on a lot more.”

The business office closes early because they don’t have money to pay employees. Student workers had to take a massive cut for the same reason, but there are no worries there because the ASU is hard at work campaigning for their own paycheck.

“The thing that gets me mad… is they “have the money for all of that” yet they don’t have the money to keep a janitorial staff that can keep the buildings they already have up to healthy and safety standards and prob- ably violate other major codes,” said Michael Rydinsky, electrical engineering major. “Let alone the fact that the classrooms are also so dirty that you can swipe your feet on the floor and draw in the dirt. It’s no wonder why students are getting sick… because they would rather give insane amounts of money to football and things that have nothing to do with the education or wellbeing of the majority of the students.”

While the ASU can’t pay for a janitorial staff, there are so many things they could be spending that money on: textbook waivers, scholarships or maybe a new food truck. Students pay good money to receive an education, at least enough of an education to trans- fer to a university, not to send 14 people to go on vacation.

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