Special election fills ASU

With all the votes in and counted, the Associated Student Union has confirmed its new president and commissioners.

By Lon Dominguez, News Editor

After two days of special elections in Monarch Hall, and nearly a semester of temporary leadership, the Associated Student Union has a new president and vice president.   

Leslie Silva Alegre, a political science major and member of the Speech and Debate Team at Valley, was confirmed on the afternoon of Oct. 20 as the newly elected president of the ASU. One of Silva’s main goals for running, centers on helping to halt a policy in which students are dropped from their courses if they do not pay their fees within two weeks.

“Around 50 percent of students are in some way economically disadvantaged,” Silva said, “and FAFSA refunds aren’t made available for at least a month.”

Silva says she wants to be a strong voice for Valley College and serve as a link between the ASU and student body She expressed her gratitude for her appointment saying, “I’m thankful for the student body’s support, and I’m proud that so many people believed in me.”

The current ASU treasurer, engineering major Joseph Katona, who has been acting at head of the ASU, is happy to be relieved of the presidential responsibilities that were temporarily placed upon him as a result of the lack of an ASU president.

“I like it since I can now focus more on my classes,” said Katona, “and I won’t lose any leadership position because I can still make decisions as treasurer.”

Other candidates that ran for the position of president included 18 year old biology major Lucine Kazanchian, 18 year old communications major Fatima Arriola, and history major Milton Ferman.

Candidate Lucine Kazanchian was present at the vote count and, although visibly disappointed with the results, was happy for Silva congratulating her on the victory. Kazanchian is now considering the position of parliamentarian.

“I wanted to promote clubs, STEM programs, campus beautification, and work on the parking situation on campus,” said Kazanchian.

The other candidates in the winners’ circle include:  anthropology major Margarita Arzoumanian who ran unopposed for vice president, political science major Ian Contreras who ran for Commissioner of Institutional Effectiveness, graphic design major Samantha Hollander who ran for Commissioner of Publicity, political science major Jaredd Franco who ran for Commissioner of Social Media, and marketing major Valery Gonda who ran unopposed for Commissioner of Health and Safety. The ASU’s first scheduled meeting will be held Halloween, Oct. 31.

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