Smells like teen spirit: The ’90s are back

CAMPUS STYLE: Renee Nadres animates some baby-doll grunge.

By Jazmine Sanchez, Staff Writer

The ’90s are back and just in time for fall fashion.

When it comes to 20-year-old Theater Arts major and cartoon enthusiast Renee Nadres, anime and the vintage Seattle scene collide for a unique look.

“I get inspired by anime and I’m super into that grunge ’90s look at the moment,” Nadres said. “I take what’s in trend and make it my own.”

Dressed in a vine-leaf colored checkered baby doll dress accompanied by a sea-green letterman’s jacket with black buckled platforms and a leather choker, Nadres brings back a taste of what the ’90s were all about. Her Spice Girls look is just some of the inspiration she gets from YouTubers such as “Clothesencounters” and “IAMKARENO.”

“This fall I’ve noticed the fashion trends include ’90s grunge and the sporty look with caps and sneakers,” Nadres said. “With my fashion, I like to match colors, unless I’m color blocking then I’ll throw a splash of pastel to my outfit.”

When it comes to deciding what she’s going to wear throughout the day, she relies on the weather to determine her outfit. Her favorite clothing item that she finds herself wearing the most is a pair of denim shorts that she feels can either be dressed up or down.

A fashion fanatic, she believes that the clothes you wear don’t have to be expensive in order to look good. She is all for purchasing off-brand items and loves to shop online for clothing at places such as eBay and AliExpress.

“I think a lot of people don’t know that the clothes I wear aren’t expensive,” Nadres said. “I could probably buy clothes of better quality that would cost me more, but it doesn’t matter because if it looks good to me, then it makes me feel good in general.”

Whether she is getting her inspiration from anime or bloggers, this ’90s baby is delivering outfits that show off her spunky personality.


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