Security measures implemented at valley after shooting scare

Valley Sheriffs communicating while keeping an eye on the campus.Natalia Cameroni

Valley Sheriffs communicating while keeping an eye on the campus.

Monarchs security evacuation plan takes small steps of progress.

By Zain Abouraia, Opinion Editor

The recent threat and shooting at Valley College has frightened many students, but the AlertU system gives monarchs a chance to feel safe.

The most recent events showed how effective the AlertU system is. However, many students complained about signing up and not receiving text messages, and how sheriffs evacuated the school within an hour of all students and faculty present before the event was to take place.

“The AlertU system is archaic,” said Deputy Mckain of the Sheriff’s Department. “What’s coming is going to change everything.”

The new security measures include a multimedia notification blast that would send emergency text messages, emails, tweets, and Facebook posts in order to maximize visibility, and a system that would convert all phones to speakers so public service messages could be heard.

There are many different protocols for evacuation and lockdown procedures, depending on all of the variables at play. In the event of a natural disaster, whether it is a fire or an earthquake, the school would be systematically evacuated.

In the event of a shooting or threat, the school would be locked down and students would be tactically withdrawn to safety.

An order to proceed with the emergency protocols will be given and enacted within minutes of authorities knowing.

Despite all of that, many students still feel threatened and unsafe about going to school. Afraid that there is still a lingering threat associated with the ongoing investigation, despite all evidence pointing to the contrary. However, the Sheriff’s Department does patrol 24/7 and they do offer escort services to students.

“I do feel safe; however I do feel our sheriffs are burdened with such minuscule tasks,” said Ervin Glover II, a business major. “The real threat remains oblivious.”

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