Santa Monica End Lady Monarchs

Soccer: Lady Monarchs fail to make the post season after losing to Corsairs.

By Jorge Belon, Staff Writer

Santa Monica College’s forward Alyssa Ortega’s two goal second half performance ended the lady Monarchs 2013 season last Friday afternoon.

“We definitely played the way we wanted to play,” Monarch midfielder Rebecca Lujan said. “We did not make it easy for [Santa Monica College]. They are use to beating Valley 10-0, but we were able to hold our own and frustrate them.”

In the first 10-minutes-of the second half Ortega was able to create a few seconds of space at the left hand side of the Monarch penalty box. She took advantage of the free space and chipped the ball into the back of the net, to give Santa Monica a 1-0 lead.

“The goal was to hold on to a 0-0 score,” Monarchs Coach Greg Venger said. “And in the second half we wanted to sneak in a goal and hope that we could hold on to the lead, but after Santa Monica scored we had to change our game plan.”

Valley College came into this match with a must win mind set. Their playoffs lives depended on getting three points against the Corsair.

Monarchs started the game with a sense of urgency. The green shirts were flying down the field pressuring Santa Monica defense. Their build up in the midfield was affective, Valley failed to take any threatening shots.

As the first half carried on, Santa Monica took control of the game.

At the start of the final 45 minutes, the Monarchs energy fell and their offense dropped.

“We were without April [Ortiz], Savannah [Ajar], and Charlene [Parrales] for this game,” Venger said. “That is three of our starters, so we were not able to match their intensity; since we only had two subs available. We kept on fighting, but in the end we were just unlucky.”

At the 70-minute-mark, Ortega got her second goal of the match with a low shot that entered the bottom right hand corner of the net to secure the 2-0 victory.

“Am I disappointed that we did not make the playoffs…yes,” Venger said. “But I am not upset. The girls pushed themselves, we dramatically improved this season. And with a team that was riddled with injuries, we were able to fight and take it all the way till the last game of the season to decide our playoff fate. In the end of the day we rate our success by adding up our victories and ties this season, and if we come up with a higher number then defeats; then that makes this season successful”

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