RV burns to a crisp in front of Valley College parking lot.

An RV burned between Valley College and the Fire Station.

By Cesar Martinez, Staff Writer

A Winnebago caught fire in front of Valley College’s parking lot H the day after Halloween, leaving firefighters and the owners searching for the cause.

Parked between Ethel and Fulton avenues on the south side of campus, the I’m Burger Podcast’s mobile home-turned-studio was extinguished after catching fire in the early morning. The ashes and red cones still remain where the RV was parked.

“We have a podcast every Wednesday,” stated David Burger. “I called Theo to get battery numbers for a new charger and he called me back and told me the RV was burnt.”

Neither of the hosts were living in the Winnebago, but believe that the incident was far more sinister than a simple electrical problem.

“Everything was turned off for [Wednesday’s] show,” said Co-host Theo Manhattan. “We’ve actually received some death threats here-and-there.”

The I’m Burger podcast began streaming from their Winnebago in July. Mixed with comedic banter, the podcast has gained some recognition for its unfiltered talks about scandals in Los Angeles such as poverty, crime statistic and pedophilia.

“We say whatever we want on our podcast;” said Burger. “We have been covering sexual assault scandals and other celebrities. Only thing is, we name names.”

In a particular podcast on Aug. 29th, the team referenced explicit photos of Tiger Woods and Miley Cyrus urinating next to a parked car with the caption “This is who our children look up to.”

The fire department claimed that the fire was not likely the result of a sabotage.

“The heat could have risen inside the RV from being trapped under the electric cables for such a long time,” said firefighter Bennet. “But since the cause of the fire is still undetermined, this would make it an ongoing investigation.”

Bennet added that they have seen an “an influx of trailer homes and campers growing around the neighborhood, but this first where we’ve seen something this hazardous.”

As mobile homes continue to settle around neighborhoods, as a way of coping with California’s poverty flood, citizens are advised to keep a cautious eye for any irregular activity.

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