Quiet October doesn’t make a splash

CAMPUS CRIME: The blotter is quiet – and mysterious.

by Zachary Sierra, Staff Writer

Despite a reputation for mischief, mayhem and strange occurrences, October passed us by with relatively few criminal incursions at Valley College.

Only 25 incidents were recorded over the course of the month, three classified as criminal:

  • Possible criminal threats made to an individual at the Campus library.
  • A car window was broken and a car radio stolen.This occurred in lot D on Oct. 12.
  • An investigation of embezzlement was opened around the middle of the month.

The rest of the blotter was filled with miscellaneous noncriminal incidences such as confrontations between students or staff and various injuries. Perhaps most interesting of these occurred at Glendale Adventist Medical Center and involved a blotter entry titled “Bodily Fluid Splashed In Eye.”

This is a significant decrease from September, which more than tripled October’s criminal numbers.

Your thoughts?