Pop and lock ’til you drop

The Hip-Hop Club adds life to Valley campus.

By Zaida Diaz, Staff Writer

Every Tuesday afternoon, students walking through Monarch Square can faintly hear echoes of rhythmic beat patterns. As they move closer to the campus “horseshoe,” the liveliness of the music amplifies. Here, they witness the resurgence of a culture as b-boys move their bodies to fit different styles of “breakdance.” These enthusiastic and gifted practitioners compromise Valley’s Hip-Hop Club.

The Hip-Hop Club was started in 2010 with the intent of uniting different elements that characterize this culture, including rap music, beatboxing, popping, and breaking.

“I decided to create a club in order to provide a stable meeting spot where all of the elements of hip-hop could come together,” said club leader and philosophy major Sam Key.

On a Monday afternoon in the fall of 2010, Key and business management major Edwin Martinez decided to perform at Valley in order to draw in students and ultimately get them to join the club.

“We went out to the Home Depot, bought a piece of linoleum and started getting down [breakdancing] in front of the CC building,” said Key. “By the end of the day we had about 40-50 people who wanted to join the Hip-Hop Club.”

Today, the club is unchartered. However, that has not stopped members from celebrating their love of music and dance. The club provides a friendly and supportive environment for students looking to immerse themselves in hip-hop culture.

Nursing major April Bautista has been a part of the club for about a year and a half. “I love dancing,” said Bautista. “Joining the club makes me feel like I can meet more people with similar interests.”

Club members enjoy teaching and collaborating with one another; their passion and eagerness often attracts crowds of students.

“It’s really nice to see other people expressing themselves through dance,” said psychology major, Vannarae Kruse. Kruse often observes the club practice and perform.

“When they fall, they get back up . . . I like their community, everyone is always cheering each other on,” she said.

Monarchs are always encouraged to join in and do a few moves. You can catch the Hip-Hop Club on Tuesdays from 12-3 p.m. in front of the Campus Center.


APRIL SPRINGS INTO ACTION - April Bautista demonstrates a "hand glide."Zaida Diaz/Valley Star

APRIL SPRINGS INTO ACTION – April Bautista demonstrates a “hand glide.”

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