Slightly off “pitch”

“Pitch Perfect” sequel good but not exactly aca-awesome.

By Sara Almalla, Staff Writer

The first “Pitch Perfect” movie was what is known as a sleeper hit. Nobody expected a musical-esque movie to be such a huge success.

Unfortunately, “Pitch Perfect 2” was a bit of an overshot. After winning nationals in the first movie, the girls are seen performing for President Obama in the beginning of the second film. Their success is short lived, however, as a huge blunder gets them kicked out of all upcoming a cappella events except the international competition, which they now must win in order to regain their prestige- despite no American team having ever won. Meanwhile, the main character Becca (Anna Kendrick) is trying to find her calling outside of college.

While the hilarious and witty antics from the first movie seemed to transfer to the second fairly well, the plot didn’t so much.

It seems that this movie focused more on the comedic aspects rather than the plot and the result was a messy storyline. There were at least three subplots and the constant jumping between the storylines meant little to no character evolution.

Hailee Steinfeld, who played the fresh-faced and enthusiastic freshman Emily, appeared more awkward than sweet or cute. Emily seemed at first to be one of the new main characters, but her entire purpose was essentially just to progress the story. Even her love interest seemed to have more development than she did.

However, Becca’s subplot was the most interesting. Her internship with a spastic music producer is one of few genuinely funny storylines in the movie.

In terms of comedy, while it seemed to hit the mark for the most part, there was some significant over-shooting, especially with the lesbian innuendos. While the first film had contained some significant homoerotic subtext, this sequel overdid it—assumedly it was ironically, but it just seemed cheesy.

Meanwhile, hilarious Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) was the saving grace in terms of comedic relief– “They’re going to look at us, team USA, and be like, ‘why is the most talented one Australian?’”

A close second were the commentators, John (John Michael Higgins) and Gail (Elizabeth Banks- who also wrote and directed this movie) and their hysterically inappropriate remarks.

The soundtrack was authentic. While the mash-ups in this movie did not measure up to those of the first movie, they did approach it in a more original direction. The riff-off was arguably the best scene of the film, featuring several humorous celebrity cameos.

It’s difficult not to compare this sequel to the original film because of the high expectations the first had set. While “Pitch Perfect 2” was slightly over ambitious and messy, it still managed to encompass the essence of the series.


3 stars (out of 5)

“Pitch Perfect 2” opens in theatres now

Rated PG-13 (for innuendo and language)



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