One-minute film shows value of time

MEDIA ARTS ANNUAL STUDENT SCREENING –  Valley filmmaker finds “Patience is a Virtue.” 

By Amanda Cavarretta, Staff Writer

“Patience is a Virtue” is a 1-minute comedy portraying the obstacles and frustrations one encounters living in a busy city. Whether it’s commuting to work, running errands for your boss, or picking up the kids, when one is pressed for time, the clock always seems to tick slower. This film shows the truthfully funny effects a boss can have in a typical work day.

Media Arts major Diana DeVille is specializing in directing, producing, and post production. Her comedy, produced in Media Arts 101 last Fall will be hitting the big screen on Saturday. 

 “My film reflects the hectic nature of living in a big city, which most Angelenos will relate to,” said DeVille. “I think we can all appreciate that, when we are in a hurry, everything seems to slow us down.”

DeVille was inspired to produce her comedy by a true event; while running errands, DeVille was caught up at Starbucks by a manager who was not helping the barista but rather than slowing down. This film portrays everyday life that everyone can relate to.

“My favorite part of filming was working with the actors and helping them get their best performances,” said DeVille. “It was a group effort. We all worked together to put out a piece of work of which we could all be proud.”

COFFEE'S FOR CLOSERS - A coffee shop manager (Anthony Turner) makes it tough on his barista (Sarah Turner) in "Patience Is a Virtue."Diana DeVille

COFFEE’S FOR CLOSERS – A coffee shop manager (Anthony Turner) makes it tough on his barista (Sarah Turner) in “Patience Is a Virtue.”


Pearson- Tim Kiser

Boss- Kevin Spencer

Coffee Manager- Anthony Turner

Coffee Barista- Sarah Turner


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