Parking Issue Remedy Arrives

The new parking structure includes new technology and will be complete by fall 2014.

By Jorge Belon, Staff Writer

The new parking structure on Ethel Ave. will no longer open on its original date of April 11, 2014. Currently the new timeline that Valley College students can expect is the summer of 2014, according to Robert Tellez, the project manager of Yang Management.

“July of next year is our date for now,” Tellez said. “Our main goal, though, is to have the parking structure open by the fall semester of next year.”

The reason for the delay on the opening is due to how long the approval took for construction to begin.

“The reason why it will not be ready by April 11 is because it was barely approved in the month of September,” Tellez said, “We were expecting the approval to come four to five months earlier, and as a result of the delay, we barely began construction last month. Which means it should take eight months or a little more for the new parking structure to be ready.”

Despite the delay of the parking structure, the students of Valley still have a lot to look forward to when the new structure opens next summer. One of the great things about the new parking structure is the location itself.

“The important part of the new parking structure is that it is located in the center of the campus,” said Vice President of Administrative Service Christopher Bonvenuto. “Now, students can drive down Ethel and park right in the middle of the campus, so students will not have to park on the complete opposite side of where their class is located and barely make it on time to class.”

Not only is the location of the parking structure a good thing for students, teachers, and faculty members, but the size of the new parking structure is also something. The building will incorporate some new, state of the art technology.

“The parking structure will be four stories high and have 1,200 parking spaces,” Tellez said, “It will also have space for electrical vehicles to charge, and it will have a parking counter system as well.”

Bonvenuto is excited about the new system, which will track which levels have spaces available that will be installed in the structure.

“So when I drive in, I will immediately see if levels one and two are full,” Bonvenuto said. “So I know to go directly to level three.”

Students will not have just the new parking structure as the only option of parking on school grounds. The original parking lots that already exist around Valley will still be available when the parking structure opens.

“Lot ‘A’ has just been improved,” Tellez said, “Lot ‘B’ is going to be redone, and we are going to add more parking in lot ‘B’. Also, the bungalows will be torn down to create two more parking lots for students, teachers, and faculty to use.”

The timeline for the two extra parking lots that will be located on Burbank Blvd. has not yet been established, since the main concentration has gone toward the new parking structure. Students can stress less, knowing that the days of being late to class because of the lack of parking are numbered.

“We have a big campus,” Bonvenuto said. “Students will have the ability to park wherever their classes will be located that day, instead of students just parking at one side of the school when their class is on the other side.”

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