Parking grace period ends Monday

Monarchs have a few options for parking permits.

By Bryan Stranahan, Staff Writer

Valley College students have a two-week grace period for on-campus parking at the beginning of the semester, which ends on Monday, February 22.

Parking permits are $20 for the spring semester and can purchased at the Business Office. This may seem like a lot of money for students, however it may be a deal given that parking tickets can run from $35 for common violations to $235 for parking in a disabled spot.

“We give out most parking violations during the fourth week of the semester,” according to College Sheriff Deputy Javante Brown.

IMG_1582Bryan Stranahan | The Valley Star

Daily parking permits are $2 for students and visitors. Pay stations accept cash only, exact change and are located in Lot A and D.  

If you do receive a parking ticket, you have 30 days to pay. There is no payment plan for parking violations.

If the parking violation is not paid within 30 days it will impact your DMV record, but not your credit report.

“There is too much staff parking that is not being used,” commented Valley College student Alexander Kabakchuzyan.

Levels 2, 3, and 4 of the parking structure on Ethel Avenue are designated for students. The structure has approximately 1,200 parking spaces. Lots A, B, C, D, L, and M are also available for student parking.

Students are not permitted to park in any faculty or staff parking area at any time. This includes College Road North, College Road South, Ethel Avenue, Lot H, the first floor of the Parking Structure, or in any stall in a student parking lot marked as “staff”. The College Sheriff will issue parking citations for vehicles parking in staff parking spots without the properly displayed parking permit.

Valley College student Juan Enriquez said, “I prefer to be dropped off because it’s a hassle looking for a parking spot.”

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