One-on-one with the ASU President

President Sandhu talks about his journey and future plans in his last term.

By Jorge Belon, Managing Editor 

ASU President Sami Sandhu sat down with the a Valley Star reporter on a breezy Thursday afternoon to recollect 2014’s whirlwind fall semester and explain his plans for the final months of his term.

IN DEMAND- ASU president Sukhsimran Sandhu listens intently to a recruiting pitch by Missouri Valley College wide receiver coach Blaise Holzer offering a scholarship to play offensive line for the college’s Division II football team.Jay Gilliland / Photographer

IN DEMAND- ASU President Sukhsimran Sandhu listens intently to a recruiting pitch by Missouri Valley College wide receiver coach Blaise Holzer offering a scholarship to play offensive line for the college’s Division II football team.

Q: As of right now how do you feel you have done so far in your presidency?

A: So far I think we have been doing a good job. I would rate us an eight out of 10 with student benefits. Overall I rate myself a five, the main reason for that is because last semester was spent learning paper work. I also had to learn how to balance stuff with my personal schedule. For this semester we are moving quicker because I now know how things work and also I have taken less classes so I can just concentrate on my presidency. 

Q: What are your accomplishments so far?

A: We got the students discounts in the communities, with the Community Discount Card. 

Q: What is the Community Discount Card?

A: This is a card that will gives discounts for variety of stores that are within your community. So far it is only useful in three cities [Burbank, North Hollywood and Van Nuys.] You could get discounts at Jiffy Lube, KFC and Subway. It is helping the local communities with business growth.

Q: Do you plan on improving the Community Discount Card?

A: It is going to to grow. We are still in the process of that though. 

Q: How does one get a Community Discount Card? 

A: Students can qualify for a Discount Card by paying the $10 ASU fee.

Q: What were your downfalls and why?

A: Personally, I feel that I could of done more. I was trying to convince the Board of Trustees to keep pushing for the new Media Arts Building to get completed, but I was not able to change that so I feel like I have failed the students of media arts on the campus.

Also in terms of transfer I have tried but it is not in my power to do anything about it. I tried to run for a seat on the Board of Trustees so I could have more of an impact. But I was unable to get endorsements, so I lost.

Q: How are you able to recover from those downfalls, particularly the transfer rate failures?

A: Since I was not able to get a seat in the Board of Trustees and improve transfer rates, my next goal is to make students experiences better with events and activities. As a result, they will become more active on campus, vote to make some changes and hopefully, by improving their experience, they have a reason to transfer or graduate. Also, we are working with the Athletic Department to have an amateur boxing match between Valley and Pierce College. We are just waiting for the insurance policy and a final date to get approved so students and non-students will be able to see the fight.

Also we are working on idea of having a text system, where we will send the students a text about an event on campus or any service for students so they can attend. This plan is currently not running we just got the idea from Santa Monica College, so we are still trying to work on it.

I am also trying to make students aware that there are scholarships here so they can use the scholarships to help them get through community college.

Q: When the person gets elected for presidency how will you welcome them?

A: I will welcome them and explain to them how things work. Because my first semester, I was basically learning on the fly.

Q: Do you have an idea of who will be running for presidency next semester?

A: At the moment, no, but I do know a lot of people from the current board will be running again.

President Sandhu’s main goal is to help and bring change to Valley and the other schools in Los Angeles Community College District, but before that happens he must decide what school he will be going to after he transfers.

“This semester has been super stressful because I have to decide which university to go to,” Sandhu said. “There are so many options: like should I go more for football school, for educational school or a prestigious school? However, regardless where I go, I will come back here and try to bring change.”

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