Ocean salt scrub leaves dead skin under the sea

COSMETICS REVIEW: LUSH’s Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub

Organic ingredients make this one grow on you

by Jhanelle Rivera, Editor in Chief

Adding LUSH’s handmade Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub to a morning routine will rapidly dissolve pimples while leaving the pleasant scent of freshly squeezed lime juice.

One modest scoop a day of the LUSH’s Ocean Salt from the black container pot will maintain a smooth silky texture to one’s face. The natural blend of sea salt, organic lime juice extracted in vodka and avocado butter is a great compromise for customers to have an affordable at home spa treatment for the price of $35.95.

The label claims that massaging the “vodka-infused cocktail” on one’s body reduces dead skin while creating a silky texture, and the product lives up to that promise. With how rough the coarse salt is, one will not doubt its effectiveness. The abrasive texture assures that unwanted particles will be scraped away.

After a week of use, others notice a glow, and not one spec of acne remains. The creator of the organic product, known as DIL B10, balanced out the harshness of the sea salt while using fresh avocado cream, which smoothens the skin.

Besides visual proof, the enjoyment of the citrus scent draws attention. Compliments were given about the odor, and many asked if this product was a fragrance. By using this scrub, it will eliminate the need to purchase perfumes, which can be a penny saver. 


Coupling saving the environment and saving money in customer’s pocket, the cosmetic brand allows consumers to recycle five clean pots to receive a fresh free mask. LUSH’s Ocean Salt and Body Scrub is a must for anyone’s shower organizer who desires to have healthy skin.  

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