New Student Information System is short on information

In light of last year’s cyber attacks, Valley College and its sister schools switched to a new registration system that is giving its students fits. 

By Harrison McQuinn, staff writer

The Los Angeles Community College district took measures to secure its registration and record keeping process with a new student portal at the end of the spring semester. Around 170,000 students in the eight-campus district are required to register for Fall 2017 courses on this site and there have been issues with Spring Semester grades and problems with transcripts.

 “I finally logged on but then my grades weren’t loading” Trevor Tokita, a Valley College junior claimed.

 Changes such as the addition of this new SIS have been in effect since the December hack. It was one of the most notable attacks since May 2015 where Pennsylvania State University’s system breach threatened over 18,000 students.

The ransomware that was inflicted upon LAVC shut down the computer systems completely affecting all students. The college paid a ransom of $28,000 due to a $250,000 deductible in their insurance policy against cyber-attack.

 This portal will act as the center for all student needs including registration, transcripts, payment for classes, and more to come. The old LACCD login will only be active through the 2017 summer cession.

Student usernames for the new system will be either their Student ID number or email address.

The district has warned of periodic maintenance as the system becomes fully integrated. 

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