More Options No Problems

California has passed a bill that will give residents a nonbinary gender option.

By Fredy Vega, Staff Writer

Governor of California Jerry Brown signed a bill in May that will provide a third gender option on driver’s licenses and birth certificates to those who do not identify as either male or female.

The bill passed in the California Legislature with a 31-26 vote. California will become the first state to offer a non-binary option for official documents.

“This is a big step for all of us,” said Raul Buenrostro, officer of Valley’s GSA club. “Everyone should be able to feel accepted and although it may seem very minor, this is a step on a long stairwell still left to climb.”

It will cost the state $880,000 to implement the changes at the DMV. Oregon has taken a similarly historic step by allowing its residents an X option.

Pro-life group leaders such as Randy Thomasson have made crude remarks about the passing of this new bill critiquing every aspect of it and not leaving any unjust thought off the table, “pushing so-called ‘nonbinary’ upon 15-year-olds applying for a learner’s permit or 16-year-olds getting their drivers’ licenses tells them a big lie about sex. It’s an unchangeable law of Nature that you’re male if you’ve inherited a Y chromosome from your father; if not, you’re female.”

Despite a large opposition to the bill, mostly over the expense, the Gender Recognition Act helped steer the outcome of the vote. The bill will take effect Jan.1, 2018.

“Hopefully this is just the start and not the end to what seems to be major progress in a road of multiple hardships encountered,” Buenrostro says.



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