New BSU president hopes to unify all students

By Matthew Robinson, Staff Writer

Until the current school year, the Black Student Union existed upon the Valley College campus as a quiet entity of black unity and awareness. But new president Danielle Marshay Lee is not interested in continuing that trend.

Lee encourages every student, no matter their color or culture, to join the BSU. One of the elements of the club that Lee tries to convey is that this club is not just for black students; it is for everyone.

“I really want to bring in everybody,” said Lee. “I want to make the club a great club and be one of the most active clubs on campus.” 

Besides being the president of BSU, Lee is an aspiring actress. She attended Cleveland School of the Arts, a school that specializes in her craft, before coming to California to further pursue her career, so she is no stranger to using her ambition and passion to go after something she wants.

The new BSU president’s ambitions are not going unnoticed, according to club advisor and long-time African-American history professor Dr. Keidra Morris.

“She seems to be very passionate,” said Morris. “She’s very organized, she has a lot of good ideas that she’s trying to bring to the table and she seems to be on top of everything.”

Even with her busy schedule in and outside of school, Lee’s prime objective for the BSU is to bring people together and reverse negative outlooks on black people.

“This club is not all about what I want to do,” said Lee. “I tell my members it’s a group effort.”

There are many benefits to the club, such as understanding African-American culture, unity amongst members, meeting people, club events, fundraisers, food and more. With Valley being a commuter school, meaning that most of the student population is primarily interested in going to school then going home rather than lingering on campus, Lee knows what she is up against but still wants to make the club highly visible within the campus.

One of the key actions of the club is the monthly discussions. Oct. 1, for instance, the club will have a discussion on Interracial Relationships. Future discussion topics will include the use of the “N” word, the pressures and stereotypes of black women in today’s society, and the club also plans to organize open-mic nights and more.

The club will hold meetings in room 112 of the Foreign Language building on Tuesdays at 1 p.m.

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