More Denim Please

Denim on denim is the new trend for Spring.

by Byline: Jhanelle Rivera, Editor-in-Chief


With spring awakening, this season denim on denim has blossomed off the runway into the streets.


For more than 130 years, denim has made a massive impact in America’s fashion. Levi Stauss and Jacob Davis, founders of the jeans in the Gold Rush era, originally invented the “blue jean” for heavy duty workers such as miners; the company has gone through radical changes since then, including water- proof jeans, introduced in 2011.


Denim became a necessity in common person’s closet, according to Cotton Incorporated. On average,U.S. consumers have seven pairs of jeans in their wardrobe. However, this spring fashion lovers cannot get enough blue by reintroducing the denim on denim look which would not only appear on the derriere.


Amiya Sherrod, business major and stylist at Chico’s department store described the look as a “modern cow girl” and said her job promotes the layer look by adding embellishments.


“Everyone loves denim but there are so many ways to wear it and it looks good with everything,” said 37-year-old Sherrod. “Denim also looks good with leopard print scarf and with coral jewelry, so many ways to wear it.”


On the Spring/Summer 2014 runways, many designers such as Louis Vuitton, Rebecca Taylor and Donna Karan mixed and matched acid wash, light, dark, and gray denim on overalls, dresses, tops and skirts.


Expect to see patchwork print, as students strut down the hallways on Valley College campus. The infamous blue fabric “Collage,” asymmetrical blazer from artist Altuzarra’s Ready-to-Wear collection gave Bazzar and Vogue magazines a buzz.


“I love denim on denim, I like to do light denim with dark denim,” said communication major Tania Polanco. I like the contrast of the colors. I think that Brtitney and [Justin Timberlake] did it back in 2001, not knowing it would later become a big trend.”


From the looks of it, this spring trend setters will be having the blues.

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