Monarchs shut down but veteran heart triumphs


Valley loses finale to season but walks away with loud gift from the Veterans Club.

By Jairo Alvarado, Staff Writer

Monarchs football celebrated Veterans Day on Saturday in their last game of the season with a touchdown air siren gifted by the Veterans Club.

The siren was not used at all during the 14-0 blowout by Santa Barbara City College, putting Valley in last place for the American Pacific division. Despite the team’s hopes for a postseason bowl game being lost, Valley honored its veterans among others in attendance.

“It was pretty awesome to get the Veterans Club involved with the football team and start some tradition with the air raid,” said Monarch and Army vet Deandre Dorsey.

In a pregame ceremony, Valley paid tribute to its veterans. The Veterans Club returned the gesture, donating the siren which is to be sounded off upon any Valley touchdowns, hopefully starting next season.

“It was tough, these guys gave it all on the field. We just came in short,” said Army vet and defensive lineman Jesus Medina who came in during the second half.

Valley (4-6) had no trouble moving the ball across the field, but costly turnovers and penalties hurt the Monarchs most. Valley turned the ball over twice, with one interception coming from a pass in the red zone which prevented the Monarchs from tying the game at the half. A missed 45 yard field goal also kept the Monarchs from getting on the board.

Running back Shonte Smith was the sparkplug of the night for Valley, carrying the ball 15 times for 80 yards. Wide receiver Justin Jacobs caught 2 catches for a total 61 yards.

Ultimately, no one could have predicted Santa Barbara (4-6) would earn its first shutout in 18 games.

“Don’t let your emotions get to you. This wasn’t on you guys,” said Coach Matt White to his young team. “I’ll take the blame for not getting you guys ready for this game.”

Valleys’ rookie roster continued to struggle with penalty yards, and injuries didn’t help late in the season, but Coach White and his staff are already preparing for next season as they return in December for offseason training.

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  1. Yeah, in 2018 Valley needs to find an offense which includes employing a quarterback that can have sustained success for the whole season; or at least be a decent quarterback and keep his job as to get rid of this musical chairs stuff that has been apart of Valley football since 2016.

    Plus, Valley is gonna need for their 2017 grayshirts and freshmen to step up next year. Valley also needs to find some pass rushing goons who can get after the quarterback as to make their cornerbacks and safeties’ jobs a little easier.

    I doubt the success of the 2015 and 2016 seasons will be seen at Valley any time soon (I would say super far in the future), but I hope Valley becomes competitive again.

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