Monarchs Making Spring Break Plans, While Keeping A Budget

Valley students can travel on a budget this spring break with resources aimed to help students save money.

by: Monessa Chahayed, Staff Writer


With tuition and textbook prices skyrocketing, many students cannot afford to take a vacation.

Websites like can help students find flights, hotels, groups and other travel discounts. From cheap plane tickets to discounted theme park tickets, there is something for everyone looking for something to do during their break. Compared to a website like, StudentUniverse is aimed towards students specifically. The site is easy to use and can save students anywhere from $60 to $300 on a round trip flight. Some Monarchs, like 19-year-old Amber Lizama, are unaware that these resources are available.

“Deals are scarce,” said biology major Lizama. “I didn’t know things like that even existed.”

Instead of going out of town and having to book a hotel, students can take a short trip somewhere local and go camping. Joshua Tree National Park lies 140 miles east of Los Angeles. Students can pay a small fee of about $15 to set up camp. With nine campgrounds and more than 400 sites to choose from, there is so much to do in this desert park. Mountain biking, rock climbing and hiking are only a few of the activities this park offers.

Another alternative to paying for hotel rooms is Couchsurfing is a global community of 7 million people in more than 100.000 cities who travel and open up their homes to travelers. The organization connects travelers with a global network of people willing to share their home along with their culture, making travel a truly social experience. Hotels can be pricey, whether students are going overseas or to another state. 33-year-old English Literature major Oscar Cernunnos uses to save money when traveling.

“I try to keep it as low cost as possible by couch surfing instead of staying in hotels” said Cernunnos.

For those who are unable to plan a trip out of Los Angeles this spring break, there are plenty of fun and free local activities. Take advantage of having some free time by visiting low cost museums such as The Skirball Cultural Center which is free every Thursday or The Getty at no cost. Monarchs can also attend Runyon Canyon’s daily free yoga classes taught by professional instructors or just hike the trails of the 160-acre park. A lack of funds does not mean students need to spend spring break at home.

After a stressful first half of spring semester of working hard and meeting deadlines, students have, without a doubt, earned this vacation.

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