Monarchs’ locker room robbed

FOOTBALL: Thieves break in during second half of home game

by Julio Flores, Special to the Star

In a recent win over Mount San Jacinto, the Valley College football team wrapped up another victory, but their celebration was short lived when they discovered upon returning to the locker room that it had been vandalized and robbed.

“Players lost money, phones and iPads to the thieves,” said head coach Larry Kerr.

“There was a significant list of items stolen.”

Jasinto Cacho, equipment manager opened the locker room at halftime and everything was in order. Lockers had been vandalized and damaged.  “I came in with 5 minutes left in the fourth quarter. I passed the last row and saw lockers open, said Cacho. “I went to the other rows of lockers and saw all of them open and locks cut. I told one of the coaches who told me to go talk to the sheriff.”

When the sheriff arrived, they noted that all the lockers had been vandalized and damaged,

“There were a couple of players who got hit pretty hard in the break-in,” said corners and special teams coach Kyle Visciglia. “The players have done a good job of re-focusing on football this week and focusing on things they can control and letting the authorities take care of things that the players can’t control.”

The sheriff’s department did not allow the players to enter the locker room as they started their investigation. Then, in small groups, players entered to examine what had been taken from each locker. The opposing locker room, which the visiting team used, was not broken into, according to Kerr.

“There’s such a commitment by our players this season,” said Kerr. “They are starting to reap the rewards of their hard work. There’s more of a team effort this year as opposed to individualism, and that is how you win, by being a team. So it’s a shame that this happened to dampen our season.”

Seventy locks were cut with bolt cutters and will have to be replaced.

“I lost $300 [in cash] and a $300 wallet, so I’m quite upset,” said wide receiver Samson Israel.

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