Monarchs can cruise now

The 3-foot-buffer act will make the roads of California safer for cyclist.

By Jorge Belon, Editor in Chief 

As of last Tuesday the state of California new act that will allow bicycle riders the luxury of knowing  that there will be at least 3-feet of space between them and automobiles was put into motion, and it has made cyclist breathe a little easier.

The new acts main goal is to teach drivers and cyclist to learn how to coexist with each other. Also another force driving for this new law to be created was that in the year 2012 nearly 5,000 bicyclists were either killed or injured in traffic accidents in the Los Angeles Country area, according to the California Highway Patrol data.

“I love it,” said Valley student Monica Ramirez an English major and cyclist. “I am always using my bike, I do not have car right now so my bike takes me everywhere, I have had close calls before, and I am hoping that this new law will prevent future close calls from happening.”

If a driver is caught violating the 3-foot buffer rule, then there can possibly be a $35 fine. If the driver hits the rider, then the fine can jump up to $220 or possibly more, depending on the severity of the collision.

“The fines might make some people be more cautious with how they drive in the streets,” said Monarch Armen Ghazaryan a business major. “The tricky part is that if a person breaks the law and there are no cops, than I am screwed. I need the police to be there or else nothing happens to them, not even a slap on the wrist they just drive away.”

It is almost a perfect new law, but like most new laws they must eventually get mended and corrected. There are cameras high above on the street lights that catch motorist from doing things they are not suppose to be doing when the law is not around. However, if this new act wants to really become 100 percent helpful to cyclist, then those cameras should be programmed to also catch and punish people breaking this new law.

However, the amendments to this country have been amended multiple times throughout the years and eventually the long process leads to the right path. This new act is just the start of long process that will eventually merge the hectic and fast pace road with cyclist and motorist.

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