Men’s Water Polo Wins Western State Conference Championship

Men’s Water Polo team wins Western State Conference Championship with Valley pride.

Kathleen Zamora, Staff Writer.

After starting off on a losing streak, Valley College’s Men’s Water Polo team has won the college championship three years straight.

Valley College’s Men’s Water Polo team had a rough start this season, with one win and four losses. They continued to struggle through on their next game, but unfortunately lost on a score of two to three. The team might have lost their first few games, but, with moral support from their coach, they stuck together.

Head Coach Jim McMillan, who has been working at Valley for over thirty years, says that the team’s turn out is remarkable. McMillan says the team started off as a four seed into the tournament and then played one seed (favorite) against Cuesta College; Valley won nine to eight. He says it’s a great deal to start off small, work hard and finally achieve your goal.

“All season long the boys have been working hard but we kept losing on one to three goals,” Coach McMillan said. “But I had a feeling if we were to train hard the balls would start to go in the cage. Just believe. Good things happen when you believe and work hard.”

When you’re interested in sports, you’re interested in the players. The players make the team, the team makes the game and the game reflects our school. Coach McMillan says that the team doesn’t have one good player, it has thirteen boys that believe in the program and each other. He says being on a team is very special and a wonderful experience.

“A team brings people from different places together and makes them as one,” he said.  “I have no one superstar player.  They worked hard and became one, that’s the definition of a team.  I have thirteen superstars and they have Valley pride.”

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