Measure CC passes

Los Angeles voters pass yet another bond funding the renovation of local community colleges

Paul Rosenbusch, Staff Writer

Election day brought further hope for the bright future of Valley College as Los Angeles Measure CC passed with 75% of the vote, providing an additional $3.3 billion construction bond to help modernize the Los Angeles Community College District.

This local bond measure is subsequent to three previous measures passed in 2001, 2003 and 2008 that provided the BuildLACCD program with $6 billion in construction bonds that helped build the green buildings and landscapes at Valley and the district’s other campuses.

“Measure CC will go a significant way toward constructing and improving much-needed facilities.” wrote Project Manager Director Paul Steinke in the BuildLACCD Fall 2016 newsletter, “Many of the buildings, classrooms, science labs, and job training equipment at Los Angeles community colleges are deteriorating and outdated- about a third were built more than 50 years ago.”

The new buildings and facilities constructed district wide meet Leadership in Energy Efficiency Design (LEED) standards and have won numerous awards, all sticking to the district’s goal of all new buildings being built to attain LEED certification.

It would take an estimated $1 billion alone to bring the community college district’s facilities up to the California mandated standards, mainly addressing urgent removal of lead and asbestos, the upgrading of utilities and seismic retrofitting.

This issues hits home at Valley where classes are still being held in 50+ year-old trailers filled with asbestos and lead paint, yet demolition has been deferred to 2018 at the earliest due to both variance in the budget and the need for classrooms that will not be replaced fast enough.

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  1. This article was educational and again thanks for some new info on Measure CC that I voted for in my mail-in ballot.

    This measure CC goes a long way in beautifying my alma mater. Trust me, new facilities up here is a big reason why the Valley football program is where it is and why non-athletes want to go here.

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