Valley college president celebrates football championship win

Majestic Monarchs: Tucker and Sewell get Highest Honors

The Star is pleased to report that over 20 members of the Valley College 2016 football program are being honored by the California Community College Athletic Association for their outstanding performance this season. The Monarchs have the best record out of 69 community colleges in California, with 11 wins and 0 losses they ended their season riding an eleven game winning streak.

Congratulations to:

Coach of the Year: Robert Tucker

Valley College Football CoachD.R. Harward | The Valley Star

Coach of the Year Robert Tucker

“Every day you are faced with thousands of decisions, and to make those decisions you ask yourself ‘does this get me closer or further away from my goals.’ choose the ones that brings you closer.”- Head Football coach Robert Tucker on daily success.


Defensive Player of the Year: Michael Sewell, Jr.

Defensive Player of the Year-Michael Sewell, Jr.D.R. Harward | The Valley Star

Defensive Player of the Year

“It’s about the little things, the details. It is about coming to meetings on time, getting to practice on time, doing study hall hours; it’s a lot of little stuff—it adds up.”-Safety Michael Sewell, Jr. on winning.


All Conference Monarchs

First Team-Offence First Team-Defence Second Team-Offence Second Team-Defence
Darian Albrecht (RB) Terrell Clond (DT) German Valenzuela (OL) Taylor Manuel (DE)
Chris Phillips (UT) Ben Taliulu (DE) Clay Cordasco (OL) Eric Flowers (ILB)
Rudy Oliveros (PK) Carson Lydon (OLB) Jeremiah Lorick (WR) Fred Wortham (OLB)
Justin Harris (CB) Christian Jorgensen (QB) David Swen (QB)
Donzale Roddie (CB)  Chris Philips (TE) Willie Washington (SAF)
Ahkil Crumpton (KR) Simon Whitehead (P)
Ahkil Crumpton (PR)

Congratulations to all!


  1. Larry Devine you NEED to sit down somewhere. Don’t you have better things to do than to disrespect young 20-somethings who are trying their best to educate the Valley College population?

    You sound like some disgruntled and angry old fart? Be gone.

  2. The journalistic standards apparent in the writing in today’s Valley Star is appalling. This was once one of the premier college papers in the state and nation. What happened to the program that once boasted Ken Devol, Leo Garapedian, and Eddie Irwin as professors? Isn’t anyone there teaching fundamental news writing 101?

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